Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to drive on Ice

Ice driving can be quite tricky and frightening. There are some tricks which can help you judge if there is ice on the road. One method is checking your external temperature guage on your car. If it is above 33 Farenheit then you can drive normally. Once it hits 32 degrees, drive with more caution.

Keep tuned to the weather in the car using the radio. Of course before you leave check the weather using your televsion or internet.

If you are stopped at a red light then press the gas hard a little just to test how slippery the road is. If you can do a jackrabbit start without slipping the road conditions are not that bad.

Check how cars are doing in front of you. Make sure you leave plenty of distance. If those cars are doing fine then you probably will too.

Drive on main roads as much as possible. These roads will get the most attention by the salt trucks in the place you live.

Invest in some tire chains, weatherproof glove, knee pads, and leave the instructions in you car. Remember you speed will be limited by the chains. Make sure the chains fit tight to your wheel.

If you are going up or down a steep hill put your car in low gear fist. This will allow the engine to limit how fast you can go and can prevent slipping.

Drive slower. Often it is hard to drive slow when everyone else is driving fast. Repeat the words drive slow over and over while you are driving in treacherous conditions.

If you car slides, ease of the gas gradually and wait till you car is out of slide before hitting your brakes.

4 wheel drivers must remember they stop no better than 2 wheel drives.

If road conditions are impossible to drive, find a safe spot and wait for conditions to improve.

Make sure you have plenty of food, water, blankets, hand warmer, flashlight, cellphone, in your car.